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Event App

Event App

The HS Sports Event App is the most complete all-in-one app for sports events in the industry. Featuring useful event information and bolt-ons such as training plans, this Event App  gives your event a unique benefit over other events.

Live tracking

The app offers spectators the capability to live track selected athletes during the race, and like the app itself the live tracking element allows sponsors to get maximum brand recognition from the event.

Predicted finish times

Complex algorithms will calculate and show predicted finish times based on live intermediate passings, and this can be made even more accurate if a competitor who’s registered to use the app runs with their device allowing them to be tracked by GPS.

Training Plans

There is an option to bolt-on a tailor made training plan that works to the specific needs of the participating entrant to get them ready for your event.  Athletes can download it, set up their personal preferences and goals and start training to get in shape.  We can offer cycling and running plans to cover all distances and levels.

Weather forecast

Make sure participants and spectators are well prepared for all weather conditions by adding a forecast tool to your app page.


A custom app for your event



White-labeled and customized design

The look and feel of the app can be configured to match your event or sponsor’s design guidelines to make it an integral part of the event branding.

Sponsor opportunities

Add logos to the Event app and offer great branding opportunities for sponsors.


The app can be developed for iPhone and Android and is available in multiple languages.


Event App



All the app athletes need

This is the most complete all-in-one app for sports events in the industry.  It’s fully customisable and can offer event information and much more such as training plans, social media sharing and live tracking. The app gives your event a unique benefit over other events and gives athletes and spectators a great way of preparing themselves as they engage with the event and get motivated through the app.  We develop and publish to the App Store and Google Play long before your event to allow you to market the tool to your entrants, and from there it will be downloaded and we will regularly update you with progress, stats and figures to demonstrate the success of the tool.

Social media sharing

Athletes can share training results and race day performances through Facebook and Twitter, spreading the name of your event in the process.

Detailed event info

Enter all your event’s points of interest on an interactive map (parking, clothing drop-offs, toilets, road blocks and more).