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Virtual Event

Virtual Event


Going virtual is traditionally disorganised & lonely compared to in-person events. This provides an opportunity for races to differentiate themselves & deliver a quality event while others scramble to go virtual.

Going virtual also lifts time & geographic restrictions, allowing for increased participation with decreased overhead fees of traditional events.

We can smoothly transition your events into virtual by automatically timing your participants & providing virtual camaraderie while maintaining your races brand.

Provide us with a CSV of your entries, your logo, and within 5minutes we’ll have you up and running.

Features Overview

You already have a CSV & logo.

Use this to swiftly & professionally take your event virtual in less than 5 minutes.

We simply send a text link, the participant presses start, and we time them until the GPS tracker hits the assigned distance. All results automatically posted on a branded results page.

How it works

1. Upload CSV & Logo

Provide us with a CSV list of your entries and a logo of your event.

We will create a custom branded results page for you.

2. Text link sent to all participants.

A text link to download the app will be sent to all participants (iOS & Android)

They tap start and the timer stops when they’ve run the proper distance.

We track their distance covered via GPS.

3. Automatically track time, distance, & post results

We post those results directly to your custom branded results page.

It’s that simple.