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Social Media & Live Tracking

Social Media & Live Tracking

Keep spectators and fans up to date with live SocialShares the social media update tool

Expand the reach of your event with our SocialShares module. Engage athletes, spectators and fans with live and customized updates through Facebook, Twitter, Email and/or text messages.

  • Real-time updates during the event
  • Customized messages including sponsor exposure
  • Connection with Facebook, Twitter, Email and or text message
  • Integration with ToolKit and Timing & Scoring software
  • Sign-up for participants and fans to receive updates
  • Easy to use content management system to configure SocialShares and check live statistics

SocialShares is also available via the HS Sports EventApp.


Follow participants live around the course with Live Tracking

A powerful live tracking tool that calculates predictive finish times and tracks participants around the course.  Followers can add several athletes and track their progress in real time.

Live tracking
  • Real-time updates during the event
  • Perfect platform to maximise sponsor exposure
  • Participants don’t need to carry their phone with them as the times can be based on calculations from timing points
  • If a participant is using the app and carries their mobile device at the event, they can also be tracked with GPS
  • Track and get predicted finish times for multiple athletes
  • Athletes can re-play their own races after the event and compare their progress against friends and family.

Live Tracking is also available via the HS Sports EventApp.


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