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Active Chip

Active Chip

The professional active chip system for when you need 100% accuracy, even at speed.

Where higher speed and accuracy is required the Active Chip is the system to choose

HS Sports’ Active Chip system is the only trialed, tested and approved transponder solution from British Cycling.  It can however also be used at a host of other sporting disciplines outside of the cycling arena too.

The system is highly accurate and optimised for professional or high-speed active sports, and unlike our  single- or multi-use “passive” chip options, it works with “active” battery-powered timing chips to ensure 100% detection, even at speed.

The Mylaps Prochip active chip system used by HS Sports, instantly decodes the signal from the transponder as it passes the points.  This information is then translated into exact times for the athlete, and is accurate to a stunning 4/1000ths of a second.   Because of its robust nature, it lends itself well to multi-discipline events like triathlons, open water swimming events and more.

In a cycling environment you’d often find the chip attached to the bike but it can also be worn on a velcro strap on the wrist or ankle of an athlete at swim or multi-sport events.

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