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Multi-use Chip

Multi-use Chip

Multi-use passive chip technology – traditional, easy and affordable for most running events

Multi-use chips are one of the most cost-effective ways to have a timing service at your event

The multi-use chip of choice for HS Sports is the IPICO shoe tag, which uses a patented Dual Frequency technology that was designed specifically to overcome the limitations faced by other RFID products on the market.

The term multi-use refers to the fact that this technology is made very cost-effective since the chips can be re-used time and again at different events, thus helping to keep overheads down for event organisers.

The real benefit of this Dual Frequency technology over many other RFID multi-use chip solutions on the market lies in it’s robust nature and it’s ability to be able to work in even the harshest and challenging of environmental conditions.  The multi-use chip affixes to the runners shoe using twist ties which we also provide, and is easily removed when no longer in use.  The ties and the chips are supplied in a small envelope with illustrated instructions so that competitors know exactly what to do with the chip.  The envelope comes complete with a pre-paid postage so that athletes who don’t compete can return them to us at no cost to either them or you.

These chips work particularly well at smaller events, or where budget is an issue, and also at events where there is likely to be a lot of water or mud like trail runs, cross country and extreme or obstacle-type events.

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