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Split Points

Split Points

The benefits of adding split timing points on your course are many and varied, take a look at what can be achieved with remote timing points.

With any of our chip timing services, split points are a useful addition for many event organisers, for a multitude of reasons.  In longer races it’s often beneficial to know the positions / times at earlier stages in the event, and with live information being relayed from the split points to the results team at timing HQ this is fairly simple for us to achieve.

But taking this a step further, they’re also a great way of identifying for example, which runners or riders have completed which course or distance in events where multiple options are available.  They can also be used to enable time “deductions” at rest-points for example with a time in / time out facility, and they can be used as a means of knowing which point on a course the leader or back-marker has passed.  Or how about having a timed section on a course – a sprint section or king of the hill to throw out an extra challenge to competitors?

Taking things to the next level, using split timing points enables us to gauge where people are at any time on any given course, and that offers the exciting prospect of using that data to broadcast “last seen” or live tracking information to subscribers or event organisers.  The mobile application and social media possibilities using this information are endless and make for a really unique, cutting-edge offering.

Whatever your requirement for split points and however you wish to use the information, HS Sports will have a cost-effective solution for you as part of your overall timing and results strategy.

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