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Single-use Chip

Single-use Chip

Accurate, reliable and affordable – take a look at the best single-use disposable timing chips available, for cycling and running events.

The number of events moving to the simple, single use chip is increasing every year

Collecting returnable, multi-use timing chips at the end of an event can be a laborious task, especially if you have restricted space, a limited number of helpers or a large number of competitors.  In recent years technology has changed dramatically along with the cost of producing the timing chips which allowed for the introduction of a  single-use tag.

The popular single-use Mylaps BIBTag chip affixes to the reverse of a running bib (at running events) or rider number (at cycling events) and delivers the highest detection rate of any chip of it’s type presently on the market. Used in conjunction with smart and robust low-profile timing mats for the seamless passing of the runner or rider, this solution is a great choice for many event organisers of runs, cyclo sportives, duathlons and more.

Despite being newer to the industry than some chip timing providers, to date HS Sports have timed a massive 1,000,000+ competitors at over 500 events worldwide using this highly desirable single-use chip option. Many of the worlds largest events are now embracing the ease with which the single-use BIBTag chip can deliver fantastic results at their events.

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